Code Rush - El Caballo Negro

This is a cool documentary that follows the Code Monkey’s that turned Netscape into an Open Sourced Mozilla FireFox. For the past decade this film was not available commercially. - El Caballo Negro

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Justin Kase Mix for Brass Tack Apparel

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C.I.S. - The Infirmary LP

Fresh from the depths of Studio 1403 C.I.S. aka Na+han, Blond!e, and Proof have dropped thier first full lengh LP. Hard beats, melodic strings, and South Park samples make this one D&B mix not to be missed. enjoy!

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Outlanda VIP - C.I.S.
Dirty South Amen - C.I.S.
Do Them Wrong - C.I.S.
Cate Blanchett - C.I.S.
The Pincher - C.I.S.
Hunted By Angels - C.I.S.
Rackus - C.I.S.
Sybian - C.I.S.
Dunebuggy - C.I.S.
Liquid (C.I.S. Remix) - Aaron Ochoa
Purple Sugar Water - C.I.S.
Lead With The Heart - C.I.S.

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Josh Wink - Electronic Groove Podcast

Josh Wink - Electronic Groove Podcast ( EG.122 ) - 16.03.2010
01. Blagger-Strange Behaviour (dj Koze rmx) Perspectiv
02. Paul Harris and Alex Tepper- Terris (radio Slave rmx)-Rekid
03. MANIK-Park to the slope- Ovum
04. Josh Wink- How high Acid-Ovum
05. Missing Linkx- A short history of... - philpot
06. Rob. Bardini -Splitted Brain(tech Mix)-Shayan
07. RiBN- Cottbus- Ovum
08. Tevo Howard- Move (original)- Rush Hour
09. Josh Wink -Minimum 23 (agoria rmx) Ovum
10. Seth Troxler- Hurt (Martinez dark soul rmx)
11. Valmay-DIstrust-Blueprint
12. Josh Wink-Hypnoslave(Nic Fancuilli Rmx) Ovum
13. Kingpin Cartel- Float- Saved

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The Young Punx - Ready For The Fight feat. Count Bass D

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Movin & Shakin - Kingsley Flowz

movin & shakin  by  kingsley flowz
1. Chris Harris & Dom Martin - Mama Says [Guesthouse]
2. J&M Brothers - Supernatural Music [Music Taste]
3. Toka Project - Gonna B Alrite [Llama Farm]
4. Will Jax - Bass Licks [Greenhouse]
5. Chris Quadrant - Old Skool Junkie [Funk Mansion]
6. Emil Lanne - Honey [Flapjack]
7. Fabio Bacchini - Better Days(Nate Laurence) [Funkfield]
8. Fabio Bacchini - Better Days [Funkfield]
9. Tom Drummond - Downstrokin (Inland Knights) [Blockhead]
10. Erik Bo I Hear Music [Funk Mansion]
11. John Hawley - Electric Lush [Audio Indkia]
12. Jackin Box - Find Myslef (lost it found it mix) [Flapjack]
13. Sean Biddle - Cosmic Lust [Round House]
14. Chris Harris & Dom Martin - This is It [Guesthouse]
15. Homera Espinosa - Don't go Too Low (Dave Miller) [illegal Cargo]
16. Emil Lanne - Thats The Way [Flapjack]
17. Emil Lanne - The Leg Up [Flapjack]
18. Olivier Desmet - Just Like Heaven (Tommy Largo) [Amenti]
19. Ned Flanders - Memory Loss [Private Box]

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I'm Here by Spike Jonzes

Today, Spike Jonze's highly anticipated short film, I'm Here, is globally released on This 30-minute robot love story was premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and thereafter screened at the Berlinale. Now it is made available to viewers around the world, through a striking online cinema experience. I'm Here is a creative collaboration with ABSOLUT VODKA, acknowledging the brand's position as a pioneering and culture-shaping brand.

I'm Here is a love story about two robots living in contemporary Los Angeles. The sad-eyed robot librarian Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) leads a lonely and methodical life, until he one day meets Francesca, a creative and free-spirited female robot (played by Sienna Guillory). Robot romance develops and the story is just as beautiful as it is unpredictable. - PRNewswire
View I'm Here at

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Last Minute Bracket Advice

If you are like me March Madness is one of your favorite times of the year. As many as 58 million people will participate in NCAA bracket challenges this season. Each with dreams to win money, prizes, or simply just the right to brag on your ability to prognosticate. So it is safe to say everyone is looking for that one thing to put them over the edge. may just be that edge. Coming off correctly predicting North Carolina as the victor in the 2009 NCAA Men's Tournament, has predicted Kansas as this years champion. uses statistical models to analyze college basketball and rank its teams online. This year Kansas checks in with a 30.5627% chance to cutting down the net. Full results and statistics can be found here.

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Preesh This: Archer

Following in the footsteps of Frisky Dingo, Archer is another example of adult animation done right. If you are not watching this show, you should be. Archer comes on FX and you can watch the first six episodes here.

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Myspace to Sell Your Mood

Hot on the news of Netflix canceling its latest contest over privacy concerns, news has spread that MySpace is going in the opposite direction. Apparently, the one-time leading social network is now selling user data to third party collection firms. From the article, the data that InfoChimps has listed includes 'user playlists, mood updates, mobile updates, photos, vents, reviews, blog posts, names and zipcodes.' InfoChimps is a reseller that deals with individuals and groups, from academic researchers to marketers and industry analysts. So if you're worried about your data on MySpace being sold off to anybody with a few hundred dollars, now's the time to delete that little-used account.

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<a href="">OUTKAST elevators REMIX by COOLOUT</a>

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Handsome Men's Club

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RCMP - Mustache Love

Philadelphian disco duo RCMP, aka DJ Apt One & Relative Q. enjoy.

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Mark Farina - Live from the Mighty

Mark Farina - Live from the Mighty
Recorded Live | 1.30.10

01. The Ode To Lilian (DJ Uncle Milty Violin Mix) | Uncle Milty | Whitebeard Records
02. ?
03. The Method | Dimitri | Sampled Rec.
04. Dance This Way | Miles Maeda | Promo
05. Record Drops | Max Herbert | Promo
06. Nothing But The Funk | Derek Dunbar | Promo
07. Yeah C’mon | The Untouchables | Strictly Rhythm
08. I Got You | Tuff Jam
09. Jenna Jazz | Someone Else | Promo
10. Sometimes I Feel Like | Chez n Ron | Prescription
11. Chicago Theme | DJ Sneak | Robsoul
12. Forger This | Fries and Bridges | Adult Only
13. Be My Baby | James Cured | Igloo
14. Bones | Lil Mark | Flapjack
15. Mid Tenn Strut | Wattle Green | Flapjack
16. Classic Shit | Dimitri | Sampled
17. That’s How | Mark Farina (Ken ECB Mix) | Great Lakes Audio
18. FOTG 101 | Lurob | Promo
19. Give You Up | Willie Graff and Tuccillo | Freerange
20. ? | Jack City Murduh | Sampled
21. Sea Lion Woman | Wattle Green | Flapjack
22. Party’s Over Here | GJ’s | Promo
23. Jack It Like A Zombie (Jason Hodges Mix) | The Bulgarian | Potty Mouth Rec.
24. Capone Never Made A Record | DJ Sneak | Robsoul
25. Clowning Around | Kinky Boots | Damnoisy
26. Breeze | Max Hebert | Promo
27. Venezuelos Canta | Miss Mee
28. Go Dance | Homero Espinosa and Kuala Lumpur | YBD
29. That’s How (JT Donaldson Mix) | Mark Farina | Great Lakes Audio
30. My Hip House | Miles Maeda | Promo

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Ghetto Division's Chicago Mix

This mix is a Chicago House lover's dream. 90 Tracks in 70 mins. enjoy.
Ghetto Division's Chicago Mix

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Beats for Freaks : Knocturnal Emissions Music

The future looks very bright for RTHM and their newest venture Knocturnal Emissions Music.
Here are the first three releases slated for release in 2010. enjoy.

KE001 – Real Time Hand Motion – Moonshine EP

KE002 – Wattie Green – Language Of Music EP

KE003 – Crux & Matt Sonic – Freak In Me EP

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Byan Jones WMC2010 DJMix

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March 3rd - Openhouse

March 3rd Openhouse is proud to present::

:: Ms. GIna ::

From the airwaves of Georgia Tech’s EDM Sound System to rocking an opening set for DJ Feelgood and Donald Glaude, DJ Ms. Gina has made her way up the ranks to become a familiar and welcome face in the Nashville Dance Music Scene. Come check her swagger as she drops a special house set just for Openhouse.

Opening Set by Nashville favorites

:: Soul Scrumpin :: King Funk

Soul Scrumpin is a tag team collaboration between King Funk veterans Brian Comer and RPD serving up a fresh funk stew filled with select house cuts full of flavor and simmered on low. This combination is sure to leave your mouth watering!!!

WIth support from residents Target Audio and Brandon Wahl

@ Club MAI Nashville
21+ With Proper Id
Doors Open @ 10pm
Drink Specials Before 12

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