C.I.S. - The Infirmary LP

Fresh from the depths of Studio 1403 C.I.S. aka Na+han, Blond!e, and Proof have dropped thier first full lengh LP. Hard beats, melodic strings, and South Park samples make this one D&B mix not to be missed. enjoy!

download here

Outlanda VIP - C.I.S.
Dirty South Amen - C.I.S.
Do Them Wrong - C.I.S.
Cate Blanchett - C.I.S.
The Pincher - C.I.S.
Hunted By Angels - C.I.S.
Rackus - C.I.S.
Sybian - C.I.S.
Dunebuggy - C.I.S.
Liquid (C.I.S. Remix) - Aaron Ochoa
Purple Sugar Water - C.I.S.
Lead With The Heart - C.I.S.

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