WMC Mixes 2010 - Fred Everything Live @ OM Miami

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Guru Dead At 43

Just over a month since undergoing surgery following a heart attack, Gang Starr MC Guru (born Keith Elam) has died at age 43. According to a statement, Guru died of cancer-related causes on Monday after a long fight with the disease.

Guru’s longtime collaborator and partner, French producer Solaar (sometimes referred to as Solar now), mourns his loss in the statement and explains that Guru had written a letter to his fans that was to be released upon his death.

“The world has lost one of the best MCs and hip-hop icons of all-time — my loyal best friend, partner, and brother, Guru,” Solaar said. “Guru has been battling cancer for well over a year and has lost his battle! This is a matter that Guru wanted private until he could beat it, but tragically, this did not happen. The cancer took him. Now the world has lost a great man and a true genius.”

more on guru’s death/life here

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OPenhouse presents Friday Night Sessions

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Wattie & Jessie - Spring Mix 2010

Wattie & Jessie - Spring Mix 2010 by djwattiegreen
01.) Wattie Green - Wake Sally Baker – Spatula City
02.) The House Inspectors - This Is My Life (Mel Rosario Remix) – Control Recordings
03.) Scrubfish - Piano Jank - CDR
04.) Wattie Green - That's Jazz - CDR
05.) Jackin' Box - Jazz Bang – Flapjack Records
06.) Scrubfish – The Jazz Face – Flapjack Records
07.) Wattie Green - Don't Stop (Dub Mix) – Flapjack Records
08.) Wattie Green - Language of Music - Knocturnal Emissions
09.) Husky - Keep It Original - Guesthouse
10.) Romano Arcani & Diem - Time - CDR
11.) South of Roosevelt - Boom – Flapjack Records
12.) R.T.H.M. - Moonshine (Frankie J's Sunshine Swill Mix) - Knocturnal Emissions
13.) Soydan - E Love (Ryan Kick Remix) Shak Street
14.) 62 Mile High Club - Money (Inland Knights Astro Turf Mix) - Drop Music
15.) Soul Jay - 2 Addictive - Blatt Trax
16.) Inland Knights - Another Way - Drop Music

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The anti-T-Pain by Moog

MF-401 Auto De-tune

Do the vocals on your favorite song sound like a vocoded chipmunk? Yes(?). Did you use extreme auto-tune settings in the sensitive ballad you wrote for your girlfriend, who then dumped you because, as Jay Z said, "Auto-tune is Dead". Never fear, you can now recapture the emotive intensity of your original vocal performance complete with the off-kilter, yet somewhat charming intonation for which you are known.

Introducing Moog Music's MF-401 Auto De-tune, featuring Authentic Vocal Imperfection(tm) technology, even a T-Pain vocal can be restored to its complete original character, scrubbing the pitch correction and leaving the untreated vocal in all its wavering sharp or flat glory. Results may vary, and Moog Music in no way bears responsibility for discomfort or irritation caused by the use of the MF-401.

Shipping begins April 1, 2010

The MF-401 can be used to treat your vocals to be off-key in a variety of ways.
Presets include:

•Drunk as a Sailor
•Seattle sensitive alternative warble
•Where did all the green room beer go?
•Original Star Trek cast member attempts to make pop music
•My vocal monitor is blown, so Soundman, please mix me REALLY low
•Mrs. Miller
•Too punk rock to turn down your !#$%&*!! stage volume
•Cat in an alley under a full moon
•Tone Def
•Florence Foster Jenkins

Each preset can be adjusted to taste or lack thereof with the Warble rate, Deviation range, Emotive Overload, and Caterwaul rotary controls, allowing a virtually infinite variety and depth of vocal expression and variation.

It's time to take back the airwaves. Too long have our ears been fooled by processed, homogenized, artificially-in-tune vocals. It's time to bring back the REAL sound of performers' voices with Moog's MF-401 Auto De-Tune!

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