Think Pink. Thank Pink.

Good friends RPD & NA+HAN will be playing with special guests including yours truly. So come out and support a good cause.

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Slow Motion LOL

can't stop laughing at this. enjoy.

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KAP10 & Personify - Beer Me That Disc

KAP10 and Personify just finished up a new mix consisting entirely of tracks and samples glorifying alcohol in all its many forms. There's something here for everyone, no matter you drink or genre of choice... Grab a drink, pop it in your deck, and rage it! enjoy.

KAP10 & Personify - Beer Me That Disc

Tracklist :

1. KAP10 & Personify - Beer Me That Disc Intro (Personify cuts)
2. Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain vs. Arrested Development - Blame it on the People (DJ Fabian Blend)
3. Cassidy - My Drink and My Dolly (Ross Hogg Remix)
4. Eazy-E ft. Gangsta Dresta - Sippin’ on a 40 (Personify cuts)
5. The Dogg Pound ft. Snopp Dogg & Nate Dogg - Bigg Pimpin’
6. Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice
7. Mobb Deep ft. Q-Tip - Drink Away the Pain
8. Discotech - Pop Champagne Break (KAP10 & Personify Edit, Personify cuts)
9. Rock-It! Scientists - Pop Bottles Break (KAP10 & Personify Edit)
10. Ron Brownz vs. Ludacris - Pop the Potion (KAP10 & Personify Remix)
11. Busta Rhymes - Pass the Courvoisier Remix
12. Young Black Teenagers - Tap the Bottle
13. Tha Alkaholiks - Only When I’m Drunk

St. Ides Commercial Break
14. Ice Cube ft. King Tee - Get Your Girl in the Mood Quicker
15. Geto Boys - My Malt’s Playin’ Tricks on Me
16. Snoop Dogg ft. Nate Dogg and Warren G - St. Ides in the LBC
17. Ice Cube - Wish They’d Come Out With a 12 Pack
18. Kool G. Rap ft. DJ Pooh & Sir Jinx - Get a Grip, Take a Sip

19. Nas - Made You Look (Apache Remix)
20. T-Pain - Bartender (b.cause Spoonie 83 Remix/Discotech Remix)
21. KAP10 & Personify - The Last Barman Poet (Interlude)
22. Gil Scott Heron - The Bottle
23. Sabo - Everybody Drunk (KAP10 & Personify Edit)
24. Danny Diggz - All the Girls Like Me/Girls on the Dance Floor
25. LMFAO ft. Lil Jon - Shots, Nirvana Shots NY Hitmen Mash (KAP10 & Personify Edit)
26. DJ Bling - Who Wanna Get Fucked Up (Put Ya Drinks Up/Patron Tequila Break)
27. Nick Thayer - I Can Drink Patron
28. Tittsworth ft. The Federation – Drunk as Fuck
29. Name That Artist - Too Drunk to Fuck
30. R. Kelly - Ignition Remix (Cousin Cole Bmore Remix)
31. DJ Class ft. Lil Jon - I’m The Ish Remix
32. Lil Jon and Tha East Side Boyz - Snap Yo Fingaz (KAP10 & Personify Remix)
33. Gucci Mane - Wasted
34. KAP10 & Personify - Tequila PSA (Rock-It! Scientists Break, Personify cuts)
35. T-Pain vs. UB40 - Buy You a Red Wine (Crooklyn Clan Remix)
36. Ludacris - One More Drink
37. Problems ft. Jim Jones - I’m Toe Up Remix #3
38. KAP10 & Personify - I Don’t Remember Anything Outro

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Basement Jaxx - Twerk


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New Gear: ALLEN & HEATH Xone:D

Press Release
After weeks of speculation and buzz around the industry, Allen & Heath and Serato Audio Research have announced the launch of the Xone:DX, a new Plug'n'Play DJ controller, the result of close collaboration between the two companies. The DX, another development in Allen & Heath's Xone:D range of controllers, is a 20-channel USB soundcard and features total integration of the brand new 4-deck Serato ITCH software.

Boasting the ability to send up to 168 individual MIDI control messages, a 20-channel 96kHz/24-bit USB 2.0 soundcard, two dual layer deck simulators, and RIAA/phono inputs for external decks, as well as the central 4 channel mixer section which directly manipulates the DSP mixing within the computer, the Xone:DX is the most versatile, high specification professional DJ controller to date. A full version of the new Serato ITCH software is supplied with the DX, providing unique 4-deck control, and a comprehensive set of digital DJ FX, as well as looping and time-stretching.

“Serato has always been an admirer of Allen & Heath’s DJ hardware and we’ve watched the development of the Xone:D series of controllers with keen interest. In our opinion, Allen & Heath design some of the best music production software controllers in the professional field,” explains Serato MD, Steve West. “Rather than a partnership to simply bundle our products, we wanted to collaborate with A&H at the drawing board stage, and design a product that would fully manipulate the new version of ITCH.”

The Xone:DX is also fully compatible with other leading DJ software brands, and has Allen & Heath’s customary pro modular design build and high quality components. It also has bi-colour LED feedback layer assignment, UV light sensitive legend, mix outputs on RCA and balanced XLR, a separate booth output, and measures 50mm deep to fit conveniently in a laptop bag.

“Ever since we launched the MIDI-enabled Xone:92 in 2003, followed by the multi-media Xone:3D in 2005, we have strived to design controllers that would fulfil a digital DJ’s wish list. The Xone:DX is the next step in this journey, with a versatile and wide-ranging set of features in a compact package,” comments Xone designer, Andy Rigby-Jones.

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Bassnectar - Georgia Theater Atlanta 10/9

Friday October 9

Georgia Theatre

Support: DJ Vadim
Door Time: 9:00 PM
Ticket Info: $21.50 Advance
Info + Links Tickets on sale at School Kids Records in
Athens and School Kids' Charge-By-Phone
at 706.353.1666

What started back in the mid nineties as an experiment fusing youth culture and social action has turned into a multi-faceted, multi-faced creature called Bassnectar. It is the brainchild of Lorin Ashton, and it exists as an open-sourced musical project that is as diverse as it is heavy, as raw as it is meticulous, and as fierce as it is imaginary.

Bassnectar combines sound and force with weight while spanning the spectrum of sonic style, covering every genre imaginable, and smashing it all into a collision of wobbling, perverted basslines, hypnotic hide-and-seek adventures, and pretty much anything that strikes his fancy. He calls the end product “omnitempo maximalism,” which basically means no rules, no limitations, and no hesitation in fusing the familiar with the strange or the classic with the cutting edge.

Whether remixing, collaborating, writing, DJing, performing live or working on constant social networking, Bassnectar’s music is the lure and social impact is the very sincere intention. According to Ashton, “we are so blessed, and so deeply fortunate to be alive and awake right now…it’s a basic truth, but it’s very powerful. I think privilege confers responsibility, and Bassnectar is a reflection of that opportunity to give back; the motion of my cells bouncing back at the world.”

Idealistic? Maybe. But with wall-to-wall shows night after night in city after city, with endless music being concocted and pumped out of the labs by a growing legion of collaborators and bass-scientists, and with an ever-growing fan base of loyal bass-freaks on the loose, maybe idealism isn’t all that bad…

Stay tuned for gobs of new releases on Bassnectar’s own imprint “Amorphous Music” as well as heaps of free tracks, mixes and transmissions at

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Loving this remix to the newly released Phonat album.

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