New Ghostface

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Fake Blood - Fix your accent

Can not get this track out of my head right now. SO GOOD! enjoy.

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On this day we give thanks

On this the 250th anniversary of Guinness, I bring you
the Six Steps to the Perfect Pint by Guinness Brewmaster Fergal Murray. enjoy.

1. Always us a clean, dry 20 oz Imperial pint glass

2. Hold glass at 45 degree angle and never allow the spout to touch beer or glass

3. Pull faucet down and allow beer to fill glass

4. Allow the nitrogen bubbles surge, creating the beautiful creamy head

5. Once the beer has settled (distinct gap between dark liquid and head), the glass is topped up slowly to create a domed effect on the head

6. Give this creation of the perfect pint to an adoring customer

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New Kid

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We loose another one.

We lost Roc Raida on Saturday. Roc was not only a great DJ but was also a very genuine and all around nice guy. I met Roc at a show he played at that I was involved in back in 1999 in Cincinnati, Ohio. RIP Grandmaster, you will be missed...

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New Gear: Pioneer CDJ-2000

Pioneer continues to be at the forefront of the CDJ market with the release of the CDJ-2000. The CDJ-2000 allows you to organize easily, precisely quantize and loop on the fly, plug and play, and so much more. I personally still prefer Technic 1200 turntables but this is a very sexy and tempting piece of equipment. I will be very excited to try one of these and/or the new CDJ-900 out. enjoy.
Gizmodo article

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Previously Unreleased Kamaal/The Abstract

Originally recorded in 2001, Kamaal/The Abstract finally has been released to the masses. The album was to be released by Arista/BMG Records on April 23, 2002, but it was canceled because the record label deemed the album too un-commercial. Defiantly before it's time this is not your typical "Tribe" record. The musicianship and true artistry combines hip hop and jazz to a produce a very good record. enjoy.

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Rusko Live in Nashville on Friday Sept. 18th

When it comes to Dubstep, it doesn't get much better then Rusko. Also, if you enjoy electro then you have to check out the live set by Sanchez & The Shockers. After just hearing a half dozen unrealeased tracks this past weekend, I can tell you they are poised for greatness. enjoy.

Everythings Nice and Thick as Thieves present "Nashville gets Dubstomped" !! An evening of dubstep, electro, and hip-hop featuring local, regional, and intercontinental talent ready to wreck your dome and dubstomp your step.
Dubstomped will feature a Live Art setup sidestage and outside. There will also be firedancers, permits permitting.


After graduating from Leeds university with a degree in musical performance, Rusko discovered the world of dubstep through SUB DUB and a debut appearance from the “Digital Mystikz”, having spent the past 10 years making future dub alongside Leeds very own Iration Steppas, Rusko connected with the sound and moved down to London to further advance his musical opportunities with Sub Soldiers label mate Caspa.

Veering away from the dark, serious side of the sound Rusko bought a highly driven energy and fun approach to the dubstep massive and quickly coined his own take on the genre and turned the scene upside down. His sound appealed to many people outside of the dubstep world as his productions became more adventurous in formula, sound and energy. His huge hit “Cockney Thug” has been played by everyone from Pete Tong, Switch, Diplo and Santogold. And has been remixed by Buraka Som sistema, Diplo, Drop the Lime and the Scratch Perverts.

His sound continues to develop with different BPM’s that lean to jungle, house, hip hop or electro, either way, whatever BPM or tempo…you can immediately tell a Rusko track.

At 23 Rusko is only in 1st gear, with collaborations on the table with the likes of Switch, Diplo , Yo Majesty and Wiley the future sure is looking bright. Already setting the radio airwaves alight with his own productions and remixes of artists such as Adele, A-Trak featuring Kid Sister, Leon Jean-Marie Rusko is only going in one direction. Onwards, upwards and far beyond any producer could dream of. Rusko is like Dr Dre, Timbaland and Switch all rolled into one with a serious overdose of bass.

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Cuban Linx Mindset

Part 2

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Tilt Shift Photography

I do quite a bit of graphic design work on the side and will post things I find useful or inspiring. Tilt-shift photography encompasses two different types of movements: rotation of the lens plane relative to the image plane, called tilt, and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane, called shift. Tilt-shift miniature style photos are pictures of real-life scenes that are manipulated to look like model photographs. Here is a video of live shots taken using this style.

Here is a website that sort of gives you the same effect. Not true tilt-shift but fun nonetheless. enjoy.

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Preesh this: Studio 1403

Today's Preesh is Studio 1403
Studio 1403 is a collective of musicians and artists located in East Nashville, Tennessee. Posting exclusive sets from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed and Roy Davis Jr. to DNB infused hip hop, Studio 1403 is not locked down to any specific genre of music. Where the site really shines are the offerings from the collective itself. Proof, Blond!e, Aaron Ochoa, Na+han, and TN-Jim collaborate to fuse their own unique styles together to get the most out of each track produced at 1403.
Definatly preesh:
Kid Cudi - Super Boo - Ochoa edit
and the aforementioned:
Ali Shaheed Set

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Future of the Live Show

Two reasons for this post: First, the Clipse are one of my favorite groups right now. Can't wait for the new albumn to drop(or be leaked).
Second reason was the genius idea by the promoters Sneaker Pimps to incorporate the audience in the show by allowing texts and pics to be displayed on stage behind the performers. I am not sure if it had been done before but it is the first I have seen it done. Allowing the audience to become part of the show allows then to take ownership of it and creates a unique and unforgettable experience. I think this is the future of live shows as social networking continues to invade our daily lives.
Thanks to Na+han for catching this performance. enjoy.

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Mix Tapes from Carter, Davis Jr., Farina, Sneak

Remember all those mix tapes for back in the day? Those exclusive mixes and classic tracks you just can't find/hear anymore? Well Eze Skankin Mixtapes is the place to relive those days. Thanks to fellow househead mindub for the link. enjoy.

Eze Skankin Mixtapes

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Webhooks: The internet in realtime.

Just finished reading about and watching a few videos on webhooks and I am pretty impressed. To explain how it works at the basic level, it allows the information to be pushed to the user instead of posting the information and waiting for the user to pull. So basically it can allow for realtime updates. Also, to quote the attached video, it "is making the web programmable not programmatic". The ability to tie all devices together with one api is pretty exciting. So if you are into this kind of thing watch the video below. enjoy.

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Revolution 9/09/09

Last year we had 8/08 and this year 9/09. House music all night long! enjoy.
Revolution 909

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New Jay

Just came across the full album. enjoy
New Jay

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You can be a nerd too : Full video courses from Harvard, Yale, Stanford

Found this site that allows anyone to attend lectures given by some of the most well respected and esteemed professors from some of the top universities today. Academic Earth is an organization founded with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world-class education. So if you are currently taking courses or are simply looking to broaden your horizons, enjoy.

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Pogo Mash-ups

Came across this guy Pogo from Western Australia. He is known for his work recording small samples/clips from a single film or scene and sequencing them to form a new piece of music. Some of the films done are some of my favorites when I was a kid so I thought I would post. enjoy

His blog:
YouTube channel:

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Live mix from Breakdown in Murfreesboro. Download or Stream

Download or Stream here
Live mix of me from 9/1/09. This is the first mix I am putting out there for people to download so enjoy.
 Track List
1)      Gypsy – Feenin
2)      Jazzmopperj – Sakibomb
3)      Easily Influenced – Rock it(Derrick Carter Bhq Favorite Reheat)
4)      D-T3ch – House 4 Kicks
5)      Uriah West Rescue – Crazy Bass(Toka Project)
6)      MR XS – Believe in Yourself
7)      Merteser – Jazzy King Jazzap Your Ghetto
8)      Jackinori - Freakyall
9)      Jabwai – This Robot
10)   Sam Karlson & Steeve Osteen - Jacob is Going to London
11   Secret Ingredients – Chicago Chicago
12)   Mr. Patron - Funky Bus Fair
13)   R.T.H.M. – Moonshine
14)   Reference – How I feel
15)  Fred Everything ft. Olivier Desmet – Think About It
16)   TBF - Hear Me Out
17)   Frankie J - Phat Soul Kicks

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In the beginning...

First post is always the lamest so I won't bore you. This is where I will be posting things I think the world should know. From music, links, lolz, and more.... enjoy.

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